Designing Your Own Scenarios - XML editors

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I have really started to get a lot out of AB since I started using an XML editor to tailor the battles I want to play.

I was able to download off the internet a free XML editor called NOTEPAD++ and I have found this great and simple to use.

There are so many things I can now control in the scenarios.

However there are somethings I do not know how to do. For example one rankle about AB is the apparent inability to adjust the ratios of the different shell types for heavy artillery. If I want to conduct an attack I will often want a greater than usual allocation of smoke shells for heavy artillery (and perhaps for mortars too). However I have not found how to do this.

Also I understand that as with the scenarios provided with the game it is possible to set up initial positions and settings of units for a battle and to keep these. There are ways around this such as setting up a game then saving it, but it cannot be done through the XML editing of the scenario file. I'm sure I read somewhere there is another way of doing this.