Errors and Omissions in the Equipment Database

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While designing my own scenarios I have become aware of some errors and deficiencies in the database.

Firstly with regard to the UK Challenger tank, the Challenger II is available way too early in date, while the Challenger I is available too late in date. The Challenger II is on a whole different level to the Challenger I technologically, as was the Challenger I in relation to the Chieftain.

I have also found that the Challenger I in the database lacks thermal imaging, when in fact it had the famous "TOGS" sight. This proved very important during the Kuwait campaign in 1991. Warrior IFVs lacking thermal sights worked closely with Challenger I tanks to give them extended 'night vision'.

Another strange omission from the database is the absence of the Panavia TORNADO fighter-bomber. This was the main aircraft of the West German Air Force in the late Cold War and formed a very large part of the UK RAF too!

I have tried to make some small edits to the database, but have not yet found how to get the changes saved. For some reason it will not save my changes.