Armored Brigade Wiki

Fire support covers all types of indirect fire laid down on the enemy.

On-map Artillery and Mortars[]

On-map units with a main weapon that has the indirect fire capability can lob shells within its minimum/maximum range.

  • High explosive (HE) shell is the standard round for killing and suppressing the enemy.
  • The smoke shells can provide temporary concealment for your units and can blind the enemy. A 'burning' smoke shell can even hinder night vision devices.
  • Illumination rounds can illuminate units in low-light conditions.

A spotter makes indirect fire more accurate.

Off-map Artillery[]

In the artillery menu you designate targets for off-map artillery.

You need to create a fire mission, select the round type and the number of guns for that fire mission. Then you can set the target area coordinate and dimensions.

The fire mission name can be edited in the text box.

Target Reference Points[]

All artillery target reference points (TRP) must be placed in the setup phase before starting the battle.

Target reference points make the off-map artillery respond faster.

Artillery delivered mines need to have a special TRP, without which they cannot be fired. Each such TRP supports a limited number of minefields.

Fire Mission Target Area[]

A fire mission needs to have its target area designated. You can adjust the size by holding down the 'Shift'/'Control' keys and using the mouse wheel.

Target reference points affect the delay.

A spotter makes artillery fire more accurate. HQ units and the 'player character' unit are the best spotters. Other units with a radio can act as a spotter.